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Bobby Van's Steakhouse Downtown

Steakhouses are busting out all over, and no wonder. The format seems infallible. The venerable Bobby Van’s now has a Wall Street location in its stable. The place has been open just a week, and already it’s packed. The new location is designed with an ample bar area, which no doubt will appeal to the after-work crowd.

I had a steak craving this evening [October 20, 2005], and tried the Strip ($39). It was a wonderfully tender piece of flesh, cooked perfectly to the medium rare I’d requested, with a light char on the skin, the way I like it. As I live in the neighborhood, I’m sure I’ll be back. The location serves lunch and dinner M-F, and dinner Saturdays. They are closed Sundays.

Their prices are in the range of other Manhattan steakhouses, but perhaps a dollar or two higher per item. I particularly noticed this with the side dishes, which were $10 apiece. I’ve no objection to paying forty bucks for a steak, but another ten for the fries seems excessive. On the other hand the G&T was only $10, which at a nice restaurant in this town is on the low side.

Service was pretty good, for a place just getting its sea legs.

Bobby Van’s Steakhouse (25 Broad Street at Exchange Place, Financial District)

Food: *½
Service: *
Ambiance: *
Overall: *

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