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Pacific Grill at Pier 17

Pacific Grill has been open since June 30th on Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport. It’s run by the same people who operate Ixta, which led a number of writers to speculate that the the Seaport was ready to escape its “all tourists, all the time” mentality.

For instance, Time Out New York wrote, “This new marine-themed restaurant stands out among the TGI Friday-type establishments in the South Street Seaport.” Andrea Strong, the doyenne of what’s hot-but-cool, wrote:

When was the last time you went to the South Street Seaport for a meal? I think I was in high school. I seem to remember lots of bars…and then I blank out completely. Anyway, there may be a reason to return. Pacific Grill will open on June 30th at 89 South Street Seaport in the Pier 17 Mall. (Mall dining is very chic now? Good heavens.) The menu features Modern Pan Asian seafood by consulting chef Kenneth Tufo, currently of industry (food).

Well, I paid a visit on Sunday evening. Pacific Grill is located in the space that was formerly “Cajun.” The menu is mostly seafood, with a Seaport tourist-friendly spin. I’m probably a tad more likely to frequent Sequoia next door, with its unobstructed harbor views. However, I’ll not render judgment on one visit.

I had a lobster club sandwich, which was a traditional club with lobster and avocado replacing turkey and lettuce, not exactly a Pan Asian specialty. It came with crispy shoestring fries and made an enjoyable light supper, but there is much more to sample before I’ll say whether it’s just another Pier 17 restaurant.