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Nolita House

Note: Nolita House closed in May 2012.


Nolita House is a comfortable pub-food place at the northern edge of Little Italy. We probably wouldn’t have thought to go, but it turned up on an OpenTable search for casual restaurants in close proximity to the Angelika Film Center.

The cuisine here is a half-step above pub food. Everything is below $20 except the strip steak, which is $22. The menu on the website is dated October 2009, which suggests it is updated more often than most pubs.

There are four versions of Macaroni & Cheese, each available in mini ($7–9) or main ($11–14). If you’re having an entrée, a mini is enough for two or three to share. We loved the Original ($7), made with four cheeses and panko breadcrumbs. There’s also the Lobster Bake, the Popeye (add spinach and bacon), and the “Mac N Cheesburger” (an upscale Hamburger Helper).

We weren’t as pleased when we moved to the mains. A Bacon Burger ($14) didn’t have much flavor, and fries were too dry. Shrimp Tacos ($16) were too dainty and didn’t have much shrimp. A pasta called Penne of Mulberry ($15) was probably the best try, a hearty portion with Italian sausage, broccoli, garlic, and parmesan broth.

Service was fine, and the selection of beers is good.

Nolita House (47 E. Houston Street between Mott & Mulberry Streets, NoLIta)