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Dog Ear Tavern

Update: Maybe the space is just cursed! As of April 2010, Dog Ear Tavern gave way to Samalita’s.


On our way to another restaurant, we walked past the Dog Ear Tavern, which occupies the space that was formerly home briefly to Dani, and even more briefly, to Archipelago.

It’s easy to leap to the conclusion that the space is cursed, but Dani was nothing special, and Archipelago was truly awful. Maybe both deserved to fold. Still, this is a tough neighborhood for destination dining. Dog Ear Tavern has taken the opposite approach: it serves neighborhood food, doesn’t take reservations, and doesn’t aspire to be more than a good drop-in place for the locals.

Whether it will succeed at those more humble ambitions we cannot say, but we had a friendly chat with the owner, and thought it only fair to give the place a shout-out. Someday soon, we’ll drop in and take a closer look.