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Aimless Bruni Speculation

Frank Bruni was named New York Times restaurant critic on April 8, 2004. His first review appeared 62 days later, on June 9, 2004 (Babbo, three stars).

The first non-Bruni Times review will be published on August 26, 75 days from now. This suggests that if the Times does not name a successor sometime roughly within the next 2–3 weeks, there will likely be another interim critic, as there was between William Grimes’s departure at the end of 2003, and Bruni’s arrival.

Bruni, of course, had to relocate from Rome, where he had been the bureau chief. Someone who already lives in New York, and who is familiar with the local restaurant scene, wouldn’t need as long a runway.

It has been 29 days since Times editor Bill Keller announced that Bruni was stepping down. Aside from Eater.com’s long list of candidates, posted that same week, I haven’t seen any speculation or rumor-mongering, which suggests the Times is doing a good job of keeping its search private.

We can only hope that as Keller sifts through candidates, he is taking our advice to heart.

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