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BruniBetting: Cashing our Chips

Eater announced today that it is formally ending its famed BruniBetting feature, or as they put it, “we’ve remanded BruniBetting to its creator, odds expert Ben Leventhal.”

We present the final standings below:

Eater   NYJ
Total $128.50   $149.67
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Won–Lost 58–26

Our record was slightly better than Leventhal’s. In all fairness, we had a significant advantage, as our bet was always placed with the knowledge of what Leventhal had already done. (That was because Leventhal announced the odds and Eater’s own bet in the same post.)

If Eater has dropped the feature in deference to Leventhal (who is no longer affiliated with the blog), it probably means we’ll see a revised version of it somewhere else. When that happens, we’ll reset the score to zero–zero, and start again. Looking forward to it, Ben!

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