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Harbour Sinks

As first noted Wednesday in the Feed, and confirmed today on Eater, West Soho’s Harbour has closed.

We enjoyed our meal there in June, but noted at the time that this restaurant could be in for stormy sailing. Fine dining has consistently struggled in this part of town, which is ill-served by mass transit, lacks a large residential community, and has no major attractions to lure pedestrians.

As I’ve noted in review after review, there is no reason why destination restaurants couldn’t succeed here, but there would need to be a game-changer—the kind of restaurant that makes people want to go out of their way. Harbour did not turn out to be that restaurant.

We were on Harbour’s mailing list, and in recent months received one “special offer” after another. Many of these started to seem like desperation, and we figured the end was near.

We feel for the owners, who dropped major coin on the build-out: reportedly $4 million. The curse of Hudson Square has struck again.

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