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Vong Bites the Dust

Update: The space will become the third NYC branch of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. Clever man, that Wolfgang.


Eater.com reports that Vong will close on Saturday.

General consensus was perhaps embodied in Frank Bruni’s takedown three years ago, when he knocked the restaurant down from three stars to one. It was certainly no longer relevant to the food community. A discussion thread on Mouthfuls.com hadn’t seen a post in 5½ years.

The closure means that I no longer have to fret over my three-star review, posted in 2005. I’ve become a tougher grader over the years. Though I am sure I would still enjoy that meal if I had it today, I probably woudn’t give it three stars any more. And if reports like Bruni’s can believe, even that meal was better than Vong could regularly deliver these days.

After Saturday, Vong is no more.

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