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Restaurant Outlook

Welcome back to Restaurant Outlook, a periodic, highly subjective listing of restaurants we’re paying attention to.

Fairly New

  • Hundred Acres — This Marc Meyer/Vicki Freeman follow-up to Provence opened a few weeks ago. It’s in the Five PointsCookshop haute barnyard vein. Reservation: June 27.
  • Persimmon — David Chang isn’t the only one doing an Asian-inspired prix fixe in the East Village. Reservation: July 12.
  • Forge — Consider us signed up for Marc Forgione’s suckling pig for two. Reservation: July 18.
  • Matsugen — Jean-Georges Vongerichten does Japanese in the old 66 space. Naturally, there’s no website yet. Reservation: July 19.
  • Duane Park — This sequel to Duane Park Café looks interesting, though there aren’t many reviews to go on. No plans to visit yet.
  • Talay — Pan-Asian food in Harlem, and how often does that get a mention from Florence Fabricant? No plans to visit yet.


All of these restaurants have been announced or mentioned in the press, but some of them may be a long way off.

  • Corton — Paul Liebrandt in the former Montrachet space in early August, or thereabouts. ’Nuff said.
  • Bouley 3.0 — David Bouley’s move to the Mohawk Atelier Building at 161 Duane Street. Expected “by the fall.”
  • La Fonda del Sol — Mexican you can take seriously? Gael Greene thinks so, and so does Adam Tihany, who’ll be designing the space. Expected in “late fall.”
  • Susur Lee’s first New York restaurant at 200 Allen Street on the Lower East Side, as yet unnamed, but also expected “come fall.”
  • Brushstroke — another Bouley restaurant, at 111 West Broadway. Given the well chronicled problems getting this restaurant off the ground, I would be surprised to see it before 2009.
  • SD26 — Tony May’s follow-up to the now-shuttered San Domenico, expected April 2009.

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