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Pacific Coast Highway Album: L.A. to Morro Bay

First in a five-part series

My son and I took a four-day trip along the Pacific Coast Highway (Cal. Rt. 1) from Los Angeles to San Francisco. He took all the photos. I present them here with minimal commentary.

Day 1 took us from L.A. to Morro Bay, a trip that would take about four hours by the inland route, but took us around six and a half along the slower Pacific Coast Highway, with ample stops for photo-ops and food breaks.

Smoggy Los Angeles
Left: All of that L.A. smog you read about is really true.
Right: Scrub brush along the way.

Left: The vastness of the Pacific. Right: Robert and me.

Left: Rocky outcrops like this one are common along the route.
Right: So is scrub brush. 

Left & right: Rocks and mountains along the coastline.

Left:We arrive at Morro Bay, known for the Morro Rock. It appears to be out in the middle of the bay, though in fact there is a man-made road to it. Climbing the rock is illegal, as it is home to endangered bird species. Right: Boats on the bay.

Left & right: We don’t find much excitement in Morro Bay, aside from the sunset.

We leave this post with one more sunset shot over Morro Bay.

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