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Montreal Journal: Marché de La Villette & Les Bouchées Gourmandes

Marché de La Villette

Rounding out our Montreal journal are two casual places along rue St. Paul Ouest where we had breakfast and lunch.

Marché de La Villette has only been in existence for about four years, but it has the look of a comfortable bistro that has been there forever. There’s a take-out counter featuring an array of salads, quiches and terrines, but there’s a full-service all-day menu too. We’ve been there several times, but only for breakfast/brunch. It’s not exactly a bargain, with breakfast for two coming to around CA$40, but you don’t leave hungry, and everything is prepared to a high standard.

villette01a.jpg villette01b.jpg

villette02a.jpg villette02b.jpg

Pictured are: Crèpe with ham and brie (upper left), Cheese platter (upper right), Omelette with salad (lower left), and your humble correspondent (lower right).

bouchesgourmandes_outside.jpgIt’s a pity I didn’t have my camera the first day that we visited La Bouchées Gourmandes, which is just down the street from Marché de La Villette. It’s primarily a sweet shop, but there’s a breakfast and lunch menu too. The crèpes were outstanding — if anything, lighter, fluffier, and more textured than those at La Villette. We went back the next day for hot chocolate and a tart.

The place appears to be operated by a husband–wife team, with no one in the front-of-house except the wife. She moves at her own pace: that tart took her quite a while to produce, even though it was already in a display case and needed only to be plated.

But as long as you’re in no hurry, it is well worth a visit.

Marché de La Villette (324, rue St. Paul Ouest, Montreal)

Les Bouchées Gourmandes (310, rue St. Paul Ouest, Montreal)

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September 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNina_Tool

This is such a nice place. My husband and I visited this place last year. It is really nice and comfy. If you visit this place you would really be able to relax and all that. Even for breakfast or lunch. Whatever your heart desires. The meals are really satisying.

les paul standard

June 24, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterblogger

We have been coming to this restaurant every year for the last four years and consider it a highlight of our visit. Many of the people who work there have been there every time, and have come to know and recognize us from year to year. We feel as if it is a home away from home with consistently delicious food and wonderful people with whom we truly enjoy spending our time. NO trip to Old Montreal is complete without a stop at La Marche de la Villette!!

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