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Will that be Mr. and Mrs?

Gordon Ramsay at the London doesn’t open for another 17 days, so the only thing we can talk about is the reservations line. Over at eGullet, every comment by Ramsay’s reservationists is being thoroughly dissected. For instance, one caller was told, “No trainers are allowed in the dining room.” (Trainers are the British word for athletic shoes.)

This morning, I called for a December 30th reservation. The person who answered spoke American English, and explained the dress code as “jacket & tie for the gentlemen, smart dresses for the ladies.” But there was one quirk. When I requested a table for two, she asked, “Will that be Mr. and Mrs?

I have no secrets about whom I’m dining with. Nevertheless, there are probably some diners for whom that’s an awkward question. In New York, married couples are outnumbered by gay couples, dating heterosexual couples, unmarried partners living together, married people cheating on their spouses, business associates, and friends who are simply having a social night out. Does the restaurant really need to know the relationship of its customers?

Ramsay’s New York restaurant will be the latest serious contender for four New York Times stars and three Michelin stars (see press release). Opening night is November 16th. Introductory pricing will be $45 prix fixe for three courses at lunch, $85 prix fixe for three courses at dinner, or $117 for the tasting menu. I do not expect those prices to last.

Ramsay already holds three Michelin stars for Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London, and he also operates several one-star restaurants. I dined at Ramsay’s one-star Savoy Grill over the summer (report here). Another of Ramsay’s one-star restaurants, Maze, is the inspiration for a companion restaurant called The London Bar, which will serve small plates and bar food—also at The London Hotel.

Gordon Ramsay at The London (151 W. 54th St. between Sixth & Seventh Avenues, West Midtown)

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